3 GDS3710 systems not upgradable


I have bought 3 GDS3710 systems last week;

Product Model GDS3710
Hardware Version V1.7A
Part Number XXXXXXXX
Kernel Version
RootFS Version
Prog Version

mac addresses:

These systems have to be installed next week and I wanted to have them on the latest SW before installing. Nice thought but none of the 3 systems is taking the new software I have already performed a factory reset, tried with GSUpgrade tool and normal http server. No go!!!

I have seen others complaining of the same as well.

@GS_Guy , probable the same as in impossible upgrade?

Please help me out!




I’ve only even had problems when running the tool on a segmented network where the host running the GSUpgrade tool had multiple network interfaces or an interface with multiple IP addresses assigned to it, or when I had previously run the tool on a machine with DHCP enable and the previous IP had changed but the tool remembered the old IP address.

For me, this presented as the units rebooting but not updating the firmware, This is because the tool connects to the video door stations and sets the firmware upgrade path to be the IP address of the machine running the tool, it then reboots the unit and the unit reaches out to that IP to check for newer firmware. When the video door station reboots it connects to that IP address. My tool was correctly connecting to each door station, but was giving it the wrong IP address for the firmware. You can confirm this by logging in to a door station after a failed update and seeing what IP address is in Maintenance/ * Upgrade/Firmware Server Path
On the attached screenshot you can see the tool is set to the wrong IP address as it picked the first host adaptor. Clicking the modify button allows you to correct that.

Of course, you are going to need to make sure your Firewall or AV is not blocking the connection to your host PC running the tool.

I unpacked the files from the update and placed them all loose in the path to the firmware directory. I don’t know if they will be found inside a sub directory, but they definitely work loose.

What do the logs in the GSUpgrade tool say? I upgraded 3 units without issue. Two were older units and one a new unit.


@havaak: Could you give TFTP server a try if local HTTP server or Upgrade Tools not working? Since you upgrade from, so single file firmware should work. If not, please also give a try to multiple files firmware (which usually applied to box with old firmware 1.0.2.xx). Try using SSH (using PuTTY) to get into the device and issue CLI command “upgrade”, you will see lots of dump illustrating the progress status. Save those dumps (configure save logs in PuTTY) and send to Grandstream Support or Upload here if you still cannot get the firmware upgraded. Please advise result. Good luck!


@havaak: If you have complicated network, just configure both GDS and your PC with static IP and wiring two directly using patch cable, and upgrade the firmware. I usually do this way if I have no control of the network and system admin not helping.


TFTP and Option 66 was the magic word! Thanks @GS_Guy & @andrewsvet for helping out. Now the proud owner of 3 systems.

In detail: when using update after logging in with ssh i noticed that the system was looking for a tftp load from my synology, probably because some months ago I messed about with some Cisco phones that needed tftp and I enabled option 66 on my router to refer the phones to their setup files. I then moved the firmware to the TFTP directory on my Synology and upgrade started!