3 beeps on keypad entry or scan, no delay, no matter what


I installed a new GDS3710 yesterday at a customer that already had one on the premises. I am using GDS Manager and pushed the card info via Central Mode. But when I enter a code on the keypad and press # or scan a key fob, the unit just immediately beeps three times. I can remotely unlock the door with GDS Manager so I’m pretty sure the wiring is correct.

But here’s the thing, the original unit started doing the same thing as soon as I powered up the new unit.

Confession time: I hooked up the new unit using the same power supply for the strike as the original unit. When I learned the old unit started doing the same thing I put the new unit on its own power supply. But both units are still doing the same thing. Have I destroyed both units?


Your problem sounds like this one:


I don’t see how it is related. These units are configured with a FreePBX server. When you press the doorbell button it rings the designated extension (ring group in this case). The only thing I seem to have in common with referenced post is that I’m getting 3 beeps, but I’m getting it when entering a private PIN, not when pressing the doorbell button, unless I’m missing something.


Ok, I will test on mine and see if I can duplicate.


So I will get the 3 beeps with private pin if the account is disabled. Have you logged into the gds directly to check the account, maybe its not syncing properly via central mode.


Figured it out. The schedules were overwritten on the GDS Managfer when I pushed from the GDS Manager; they were just blank on the devices themselves. All I did to fix it was setup the schedule times again (the schedule names were still there) and push them. It was actually you zak706 that pushed me in the right direction when you said you’d try to duplicate it. I have a demo unit here in the office so I set it up exactly the same and that’s when I found it. Thanks for taking the time to help!


No problem, I was about to ask about the schedules. Glad you got it fixed.