2160 Wall Mount


Does anyone know where I can get a wall mount for a GXP2160 or if any of the other GXP21xx wall mounts would work with it?


I am a fan of wall mounting telephones. It frees up nearly 1 square foot of desk space, and holds the telephone in place when you stretch that handset cord to maximum.

I have one 2160 and several 2140s, so I took a quick look (no measuring). They look like they would take the same bracket (possibly the same for all the GXPs).

Check your storage room to see if there are some of the original GXP boxes that would still have that bracket.

Ask around your company to see if someone quietly kept those extra brackets.

Check with your local Grandstream installler, as they probably have some customers that have saved that bracket.

Check on eBay.



Thanks Rick, I purchased all the phones from another business that closed just after getting them so I just received whatever was on the desks and only the 2 wall mounted units. We had small desks in the warehouse, but now are mounting the computers to the walls and eliminating the desks so wall mounting will really be the only option. I have all 2160s and nothing else to compare to right now. I bet they were all in a closet somewhere, but I didn’t find them.


You might try -