21 Digit Length Restriction & Non-Inclusive Dial Plan



It seems like there’s a hard limit on the number of digits displayed on the WP800 to 21 digits. We frequently have longer access codes/specially coded numbers that frequently hit 25-30 digits, so this would severely limit our (and our clients) use of the phone.

Secondly, I’ve noticed that if I enter an asterisk * in the number and try to dial, The phone prompts me with "Enter more digits to match the dial plan. I’m sure as with all Grandstream phones this can be changed in the settings, but I think it would be good for the default dialplan to accept all digits and characters inclusive, out of the box.


Odds are this is merely an issue with the default dialplan. Our dialplan is a bit more complex, but has specific entries with * in them (that work fine). I would recommend pulling a default dialplan from something like a 21xx, and put in in this phone to see if that issue corrects.



Thanks for the feedback. For the dial plan issue, what’s the exact characters you were dialing?


Perhaps for the dialplan, but the digit restriction (whether superficial or actual) is still real. I can only enter 21 characters and while the keypad responds with the DTMF tones, no new characters end up on the screen. I’ll try to run a backend check to see if the extra digits past 21 are sent through.


0123456789*0123456789 to be exact. Any dialphrase with a * inside will trigger this it seems.



We noted the issue with the dialed digit being limited to 21 characters. For the dialplan, we can’t accommodate every type of situation.



No, but as has been talked about ad nauseam on several other forum posts - CONSISTENCY (which is crucial, and expected from all the installers) can be achieved. If @indecided is able to build a dialplan on 21xx phones that works for their needs, this phone needs to be able to support it as well.