2 registrations



I have a strange happening. I have two registrations on my UCM6301 to one phone. I do have the “Concurrent Registrations” in the extension set up set to 3, but that is for Wave Desktop and Wave Phone. If I set the “Concurrent Registrations” to one, the phone is registered one time. If I set it back to “concurrent Registrations” to 3, the phone goes back to showing two registrations. Attached is a screenshot of extension 1104. Can you take a look?



do you have a web login from a web browser as well as the wifi handset to the telephone system ?


maybe the two sip accounts on the phone are registered with the same extension


No. Only one account on the phone is registered. This is set up as a remote phone. When I call it sometimes it shows two incoming calls. I looked at the UCM’s Extension page and it sometimes shows two registrations, the same IP address, but differing ports.


Try to disable the second account or register it with a different extension in order to eliminate the probability that it is an issue with the 2 accounts register with the same extension


Thank you for the reply. That sounded good so I tried it, but account 2 on the phone was inactive and on the “Status” page showed “Unregistered”. I am thinking this is a TLS issue since this is a remote phone TLS.


Are you sure that this is the same WP820 phone cause I am seeing a registration using different port, I am not quite sure but double confirm this,
otherwise you need to open a ticket for this issue


ALG in work i guess. @electr0n correctly pointed to 2 different ports (high one so 99% ALG in router mess it)


Yes, there is only one WP820. I opened a support ticket. Thank you


Do a capture at the UCM level as that may shed more light. Stary the capture and then reboot the phone to force a new register attempt.

Is is possible that the phone is set to dual transport?


another thing to add is set the Unregister before New Registration on the WP account settings to ALL instead of instance to make sure that the phone will clear its previous registration.


What is dual transport? Because it is a remote phone, the SIP transport is set to “TLS”.


The “Unregister before New Registration” has to do seconds (time interval). By default it is set to 0. “UNregister on reboot” has to do with “Instance” and “All”. But it sounds like that is only for rebooting the phone.


I also am trying this with a GRP2614. I programmed it as a remote phone, with only the first account active. It now shows on the UCM extension page as registered twice. The GRP2614 SIP transport is “TLS or TCP”


So you need to see a capture with syslog and see if the phone is sending two registrations

Is this happening with using UDP?


OK, because it is remote does not mean that it has to be TLS, it can be UDP or TCP as well.

To me, the device is sitting behind a firewall and it is an unknown if the DP is roaming, if it has a static/reserved IP or if there is port forwarding. The ports you see are the ephemeral ports that the router has assigned which should be able to be seen in the NAT sessions table of the router.

A capture would shed some light, but admittedly with TLS it will not be as easy.


Is it possible that sip server and secondary sip server are both setup? This could cause 2 registrations.


I am on TLS, for the remote phone. It is my understanding remote phones must be TLS. The local phones that are TCP, do not have this problem. I would assume UDP will have no problems as well.


How do you do a remote phone using TCP? I thought it must be TLS.


It is recommended not a must, the remote phone can use either tls or udp.
Try just to set the protocol on the phone setting to udp and not tls and see the outcomes