2 dp750 & 2 DP720 handsets


Hello. I have 2 dp750 base stations, 1 is located on the 4th floor of a building and the other located on the 5th. My 2 handsets(dp720) are registered to both DP750 base stations. My question is if there is any ability to auto select base stations, based on signal’s strength. I can manually select which DP750 i want them to connect too, but it would be great if there was a feature to auto-change their base station depending on which one is closer too.


check the firmware because i have a recollection that you can use mesh to allow seamless selection of base station based upon signal strength

Ill log into one of mine to see if it is available later.


there is the DP760 that works as a repeater, DP750 is a single cell system, only multicell systems have the possibility of automatic handover management etc…
You can try to record the laptop on both bases, then manually choose which base to use, but it is definitely not a tip.
Know that there is the WP820 wifi handset…


In the 750 under Dect General Settings - there is an option called repeater mode… that should assist I dont have a second unit to play with though.

Link to the repeater that is needed.




in fact, the DP760 that I mentioned above