1st thoughts - internal power supply, power switch, maybe PoE?


We finally got time to unpack the unit today. Here are our first impressions:

  1. An internal switching power supply with standard 3-wire IEC power cord would have been preferred to a “wall wart” style external universal supply. We understand that this is designed for multiple regional installations, but the internal power supply simplifies external power cable management better.

  2. For similar reasons, a hard power button on the front of the unit would be a nice additional as well. While we haven’t had to do a “pull the power” reset yet, it’s always easier if there is a power switch than if you have to pull power cables out of units that are nestled in rack mounts.

  3. Along these lines, we’re not sure of the power draw, but PoE would be a welcome addition if the device is within PoE power draw specifications.

  4. Love the LCD and display buttons. Very bright and crisp.

  5. First login went without incident. Changed password and got to initial screen without problem.

We’ll update from here as we run through our testing and hook it up to a PRI.


Thank a lot for you suggestions.


I agree, with #1 and #3. Having the wall wart is not preferred and having PoE would be great, just like on the UCMs.