1625 OpenVPN in Mikrotik OpenVPN server



Hello everybody,

recently there were a change in our OpenVPN server. It was on a Windows machine and now it is embedded on our Mikrotik Router.

We had to make some changes in configuration files of the clients, in order to connecto to our new OpenVPN server, because Mikrotik’s implementation does not support some of OpenVPN features, such as push routes etc.

Our clients are Windows machines, Linux Machines and Android Phones. All are connecting fine now.

The only problem is that we cannot connect our 1625 in our OpenVPN server…All the other clients has the option to add a client.ovpn file. It has many of the configuration oprtions in order to connect to OpenVPN server. In 1625 there is no(??) option for sych file, excpet from the text box areas in order to paste the crt and key files.

Has anyone were able to connect a grandstream phone with an OpenVPN server in Mikrotik?
Can we have the option to add a ovpn configuration file, except from the keys and crt?


Hi there,

It seems we currently do not support the ability to upload an openVPN configuration file. We will evaluate the possibility of adding this feature in future releases.



We are using Mikrotik as OpenVPN server. Same problem trying to use Grandstream OpenVPN support.

Mikrotik can’t authenticate using only certificate. It requires user/pass to connect.

And it will be helpfull if you can add multiple Server address for failover.


has anyone done to run with it, i am trying to openvpn mirotik server with GXP16XX but it does not work