- Doesn't ring for inbound calls (reboot fixed)


Since firmware update, the phone doesn’t ring. Calls come in on the display, but it’s silent (and no, no silent mode is on). The phone needed to be rebooted again after the f/w update to make it ring. May want to check into the update process to see why that might be the case.



Is this issue only happened once after upgrading to v.
We couldn’t reproduced this issue in our testing. If this issue occurs again, can you let us know how do you reproduce it?



So far, I believe that to be true. Now, it’s possible that two days from now, it’ll stop ringing again (meaning it wasn’t the upgrade process necessarily but maybe some audio service that’s crashing). If it doesn’t happen again, then it must have been something in the upgrade process, and likely had I rebooted it naturally it would have appeared to work (wonder if others had that issue too).


So, today the issue came back - so must be some service that crashes. If the phone sits idle for a day, it seems to have the problem.



Can you send us the debug log from WP800?? and the approx. time the issue occurred, so we can check in the log.
Web UI->Maintenance->System Diagnosis->Debug.
Before you start the capture, please check all the debug info except Capture Trace.



File attached. now, the debug wasn’t running whenever the service itself (or whatever’s wrong) died, but I did make a fresh call into it while recording was going on, so you should see that in the logs.

Archive.zip (234.4 KB)



We are enable to find syslog on the debug log from your attachment. Its hard for use to identify the issue because its not much information on the debug log.

Please follow this steps:

  1. Enable syslog on WP800 (Web UI->Maintenance->System Diagnosis->Syslog->Syslog Level->Debug-Save)
  2. Wait until the issue reproduced.
  3. After the issue reproduced, capture the debug log again. (Web UI->Maintenance->System Diagnosis->Debug)
  4. Check all the debug info list EXCEPT “Capture Trace”.