Multicast "change"


I have noticed that the 3510 needs to be “rebooted” after a MULTICAST ADDRESS is programmed into the device…

This might be added to the programming interface as a “popup” informing the user that this is the case.

I do not believe this was the case on the original firmware.



Is it happened after you upgraded to the latest firmware? or is it happened all the time even after you reboot the device?

We couldn’t reproduce this issue in our end. Could you provide the step-by-step when you reproduced this issue?

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This is after I upgraded to the new firmware…

Step by step: I programmed a multicast address into the PHONE SETTINGS> MULTICAST PAGING> MULTICAST LISTENING


This will not take effect until the unit is rebooted

I did not notice the small “i” to the right of the ADDRESS field stating “Reboot to take effect”…I am afraid that many customers will not notice this either and will create technical support tickets for this matter.


I just tested again and MULTICAST ADDS or CHANGES will not work until a reboot. After a reboot, everything is as expected.



After checking it with our Dev. Team, this is expected behavior for GSC3510. It will requires a reboot to take effect on the Multicast features.

Do you think the ‘i’ icon is not noticeable to notify the users to reboot after setting up the multicast? Do you prefer a popup instead of the ‘i’ icon?

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I think a “pop-up” or at least a RED TEXT at the top that is always visible would be much better…

I can see this as a very big potential for customer complaints and technical issues…

The “I” being on each entry doesn’t really stand out as an important issues (at least for me)



We already file a request to add a pop-up message every time the users make a changes on the multicast address just to avoid any confusion on multicast feature.

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