Author Topic: Can I use the talk button to start calls instead of the flash button?  (Read 25 times)


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I'm considering purchasing a GXW 4232. I will be connecting it to my freepbx system. I want to be sure about a few things before I purchase. On the 4232, am I able to press the talk button, after dialing a number, to initiate the call, or will only pressing the flash button do this?

What about connecting my preexisting phones to this device? What RJ ports are used. Does it have both rj 21 and rj 11 connections? Enough for all 32 devices?

If this is going to be in the head room, with wires going from it to different ports, which will then be connected to with a traditional analog phone, is this the correct device?

Also, what are the main differences between the GXW 42XX devices and GXW 40XX devices?

Sorry for asking so many questions, I haven't been able to find great documentation on most of these areas.


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Re: Can I use the talk button to start calls instead of the flash button?
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You get both types of jacks.  Use the rear RJ21 type to make cross connections.  The front RJ11 use for testing at the rack.

This rack unit is for analog phones.  Provide model info on your analog phones for button use.  Flash is normally used for transfers.

These systems use a "dialplan".  It looks for defined patterns
of dialed digits and sends the call out when it sees a match.
You may program the. "#" button to send out the call instead waiting for a timeout between digits.  An example might be for
operator assisted calls. You dial 03113458765 or can dial 0 only.
Pressing 0# will send zero without a four second wait.
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