Author Topic: Yahoo Weather API for Grandstream GXP3140 - any work arounds or fixes?  (Read 105 times)


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Is there any way to get the weather app working on the GXP3140?

I've got about a hundred of them all running the latest firmware... and obviously it stopped with the Yahoo api change.

Is there anyway to use DNS to point the old address that the phone is trying to reach?

e.g.  and have it actually redirect to the new URL?

Really feel burned on these phones...3cx dropped support for them in all the new versions and Grandstream stamped them as 'end of life' and walked away from them.  No new features get added, no fixes, stuff like multicast paging etc. stuff like the weather app doesn't get fixed.... why they cannot just get someone to change one line of code in an XML file is totally beyond me.
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