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Re: Questions about setup
« Reply #15 on: August 10, 2017, 10:59:52 AM »
pietern,  Straight through cable connects the two UCM heartbeat ports to each other directly.

I believe that this is how they are synchronizing the units, might be wrong, however, I dont know about your external hard drive for backups, I use SD cards for external storage.


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Re: Questions about setup
« Reply #16 on: August 11, 2017, 12:10:59 PM »
Finally have had some time to sit down and play.  Yes, straight through works fine for me  too.  One thing I have noticed is above, someone mentions having the same config on the two units to start, however, I found that I could configure one unit, and enable HA, and then simply enable HA on the second unit, and it automatically synchronized everything.  I have found that when simulating a Failure on the primary, in 38 seconds, the secondary is reachable, and registering extensions and sip trunks.  One thing I noticed is that if the unit looses connectivity, it reboots automatically, is this the design?

If you're talking about the UCM rebooting after losing connectivity, that is normal.  As for the recommended starting configuration, I believe that it's to prevent the UCMs from syncing the wrong way (e.g. syncing to factory default settings), though that does not seem to be an issue here.

I have an external HDD connected on the USB port of the primary UCM for recordings. How is that now going to work with the HA100 and secondary UCM connected? According to the diagram, the primary USB must connect to the HA100 with the USB-to-RS485 serial cables and then the HA100 to the secondary USB with the USB-to-RS485 serial cables.

What is the function for this connection?
How will the backups of the recordings work now?

jdesants is correct. The USB-RS485 cables are used for data syncing. I will need to verify the functionality of the RS485 interface with the developers. From my testing, it seems to be used to process the signalling to transfer the Master role to the backup UCM and open up its connection to the network. Without it, the backup UCM will not activate for the failover, and the rebooting UCM will remain the Master. As for the USB backup concern, unfortunately, backups to external USB devices will not be possible with this HA setup. Possible workarounds would be to use SD cards for storing recording files. Additionally, recording files are not synced between the two UCMs. I have filed a report about these concerns to the developers already.
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