Author Topic: iOS settings on AT&T  (Read 519 times)


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iOS settings on AT&T
« on: March 13, 2017, 06:38:20 AM »
Doesn't look like this has been getting a whole lot of attention, but worth a shot.

I'd like to try to get this set-up, but I can't seem to get the settings right to connect to the UCM.
I have plenty of off site phones that connect back in fine, so I know the firewall is open correctly.
I just can't seem to figure out the right combination of settings to get it to register.
anyone have any ideas for what setting to check?

Thank you!
If there is some way that no one ever thought of...I will think of it.  And probably break something in the process...


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Re: iOS settings on AT&T
« Reply #1 on: December 03, 2017, 03:16:44 AM »
Verify the device has a compatible SIM card and data plan before changing the data settings. This may resolve data connection issues without requiring any changes to your data settings:
To verify SIM card compatibility:
You should already have the correct type SIM card if you recently purchased it new from AT&T or an authorized retailer.
If you are using a SIM card from some other source or if you moved an active SIM card to a new device, verify SIM compatibility with 4G (HSPA+)/4G LTE data.
To verify data plan compatibility:
If you moved an active SIM card to a new device and did not notify us of that change, your existing data plan might not be compatible.
To update the device information on the account and make any required rate plan changes, you can contact them.

If possible get the latest version of thier app from Appvn iOS non jailbreak.