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Few bugs and few suggestions
« on: February 17, 2017, 07:07:10 AM »
Hello, there!

Sorry for a late report, it takes some time to receive our GDS and test it.

We got same popular bugs, like many other beta users. For example, live view isn’t working on Chrome and Opera, or incorrect working of key tone type setting. But also I want to report about few new bugs:
  • GDS3710 automatically answers the call, even if another call is active. For example, I am pressing bell button on GDS and answering this call with GXV3240. At this moment I’m dialing GDS’ SIP number and it answered automatically, but first call ends up. I’m not sure, that this is an unexpected behavior, but in my opinion it’s pretty strange.
  • UPnP support is a very easy way to connect login Web page, but in my case it works only with Edge browser (I use Win10). If I set default browser Chrome, Opera, Firefox or even IE, I got an error message

    (sorry for Russian language, translation: «Error 0x80004002. Interface isn’t supported». I ain’t sure, that it’s not a system bug, but with another UPnP-devices it works properly with all browsers.
  • Long delay between receiving call and starting audio. This problem was already mentioned by RUIED and ALLUP, but I want to pay attention to it, because this is, to my mind, a serious trouble. I’ve tested this case with SIP-proxy, as well as without it (direct IP call).
I also have few suggestions to improve GDS3710:
  • Add an exit button support. As how I understand, GDS3710 generally positioned as a device for one-door-systems. The simplest system should include one GDS, one IP-phone (GXV or other), an electric strike and an exit button. But now customers need to buy a separate controller for this button, because I didn’t find a way, how to integrate it with GDS correctly.
  • Special numeric code to spell GDS’ IP-address. Useful feature during installation.
  • Recording video on alarm, now only screenshots is supported.
  • Customizable siren time on alarm.



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Re: Few bugs and few suggestions
« Reply #1 on: February 17, 2017, 07:58:49 AM »
About the exit button: If I understand your requirement correctly, then this is available in the shape of a digital input port. The wiring examples include such an exit button in their pictures.