Author Topic: Grandstream HT 702 stopped working afters unplugging LAN cable from switch  (Read 462 times)


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Hi there

I´m a technician who was called to fix a problem a customer of us has.
I didnt install the device/system so i dont know what to do.

Its an office with 3 Computers and 3 Phones.
The server cabinet has a 24port Switch which didnt had enough space to fit everything in so I had to include another 5 port switch by unplugging the Grandstream cable from its port. That was a problem since after this step the action could'nt be reversed
Now no calls can be recieved from the outside but from the inside calls can be made succesfully.

Even putting every cable as it was at the beginning didnt solve the problem.

I tried connecting via the browser but i dont have the specific IP adresse to connect to.

What has to be done now?


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We are following up on the ticket you already opened on our helpdesk web portal, 

Please update, thanks.

Best regards,