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UCM6100 series IP PBX Appliance / How do I get Codec G729a
« Last post by ernst.tfd on Today at 03:00:54 AM »

I would like to add codec "G729a" to my UCM6108 if possible?

I was told it has better compatibility.

Thank you.
Settings ->  Call Features -> Predictive Dialing Source :Call History, Local Phonebook, Remote Phonebook, Feature Code

But that is available in next beta i guess (i see it in alpha firmware).
Use  GXV3275 GUI Customization Guide for removing them.
Yes it should be possible, but you need set proper settings on analogue.
Check setting in PBX and GXW for:
SLIC Setting, Call Progress Tones and Caller ID Scheme

They are not synchronized that's why you have errors.
If you have only country settings then follow ITUT recommendation (link in GXW manual) and check how they should look.
Catch packet on UCM.
Form you description it is problem with Trunk as far i see.
Maybe you sent wrong CID to ITSP ?
GWN7000 Enterprise Gigabit Router / Re: GWN7000 Port Forward
« Last post by Marcin on Today at 12:45:50 AM »
I can do forward easy and work as it should.
"Please, restore the unit to factory reset via hard keys by following the steps in the following document: [Page: 108]"

Same manual have info how to make upgrade via SD card [Page: 101].
Let me ask/propose:
1) just make inbound route correctly, not need anything fancy.
Default is set to not work, business hours are in exception (this way you do not care anything that is not work).
Set route for holiday as it can collide with working hour and place it as first

2) How system can recognize this ?
How it is different from not responding ?

I lack data for any proper recommendation, you need specify all situation and end result you want achieve.
a) Not answering (busy)
b) Not answering - absent
c,d,e,...) Anything more ?

3,4) When and for who announcement (internal, external ?)

For designing system you need to have exact diagram how, when and where call need to be sent.
Some scenario are more then UCM can handle and you need buy external program for it.
Try factory before upgrading.

the phone doesn't start up
when i plug it into power
it come with the attached error

how can i reset it ?
Try factory before upgrading.
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