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Testing My Theory / Incorrect Security Settings
« Last post by jdesants on Today at 05:13:38 PM »
Hey guys, I think you might have a problem with your security settings, I was able to log in as a forum admin and create this.

Let me know

UCM6100 series IP PBX Appliance / Sending Fax goes through wrong Trunk
« Last post by Happy-Jo on Today at 04:10:04 PM »
Ok, I have followed the instruction on the forum and thank to the many people here I was able to set up the UCM6102 to receive and send fax somewhat fine.

The problem is that the "sending" happens only via the FXO-1 port, when in fact that should go through the FXO-2 port.

Can somebody guide me to see if I am doing something wrong? I have spent hours trying to figure out what I am missing but i can't seem to find an answer anywhere.

I have two line, Line-A on FXO-1, and Line-B on FXO-2.

Inbound faxes arrive fine on Line-B, but outbound should also go thorugh Line-B, instead they outbound from Line-A

I have an UCM6102, 1 Tel/Fax lines on FXO port 1, 1 Tel/Fax lines on FXO port  2.

Thank you in advance.

UCM6100 series IP PBX Appliance / Re: IVR Immediate answer
« Last post by exeyesoftware on Today at 01:45:43 PM »
If I understand your situation correctly, the problem is that VoIP is too fast.  You want the caller to hear some ringing before the IVR picks up, as would happen in the olden days when connections took a while to go through.

You can dummy up a ringback tone by adding it to the beginning of your IVR message, or by using a ring group as Marcin suggested.  But I think it's better to just accept that things happen faster now.  If you use VoIP for making calls, you've noticed that most of the time you call a business number that goes to an IVR you no longer hear ringing.  It just connects.  Businesses typically start their IVRs with a welcome message like "Thank you for calling the Acme Anvil Company", so callers know that they've gotten through to their intended destination.

This sounds like a complaint from a client who is switching from an analog system to a new VoIP one, and doesn't like that some things are a bit different.  If you explain to them what is happening, and demonstrate a call to a bank or somesuch that also omits the initial ringing, you should be ok.

UCM6100 series IP PBX Appliance / Re: UCM 6104 Corrupted Firmware?
« Last post by exeyesoftware on Today at 01:28:37 PM »
It really does sound like a browser cache problem.  Grandstream hardware doesn't handle browser caches correctly and the type of scenario you are describing fits a browser cache problem perfectly.

You have to manually clear your browser cache upon initiating the Factory Reset and before trying to log on to the newly-reset UCM.  I'd close and restart the browser then too.  Remember that the UCM will come up with a DHCP-obtained IP address that you have to read from the LCD screen.

If that doesn't work you may have a dead UCM.

Forgive me if I've oversimplified this -- I don't know your level of experience (though it appears to be high given what you've tried).  It's just that I've gotten bitten by the browser cache problem in the past and know it can be deceptive.

A little background: I'm not an expert on this stuff but have been fighting for months (really) trying to get the VPN support in a GXP2140 to work.  Search in the forum for that phone and you'll find much more information.

It's not clear from your question how experienced you are with VPN support, so forgive me if I oversimplify things.

The VPN support in the phones is very fussy and is poorly documented.  You can't upload an OpenVPN client configuration file to the phone, and so far Grandstream has not told us what one it is using.  Your server must be configured right for the phone to connect to it.  It uses Blowfish encryption and a 2048-bit DH key, though that will become configurable in an upcoming firmware release.  The server needs the correct files: ca.crt, dh2048.pem, server.crt, and server.key.  The corresponding ca.crt, client.crt, and client.key files need to be uploaded to the phone.

There are some things missing and/or wrong in the ovpn file you listed, and a lot I just don't recognize.  It's not even clear if the example file is for the server or the client; remember that all you have control over is the server's file and that it must be compatible with what is in the phone.

It is very hard to get this working.  I'm working on a document that explains how to do it in detail, but it's not done yet (and I still haven't been able to repeatably generate a working configuration).  Keep up with the VPN threads in the GXP21xx forum for more information as it becomes available.

If someone from Grandstream is reading this, please think about implementing functions to get and/or set DND, volume level, bluetooth, brightness level, etc. remotely (via ssh and/or web).

Improvements and Suggestions / Re: Include a 'normal' power input option.
« Last post by AllUp on Today at 06:26:19 AM »
For APs this is quite normal.
UCM6100 series IP PBX Appliance / UCM 6104 Corrupted Firmware?
« Last post by chrish3986 on Today at 06:16:55 AM »

A while back I was uploading beta firmware ( when something happened halfway though. Now any changes made, settings, factory reset, firmware upgrade will be gone on reboot. The box still functions with alot of crashes. I have since bought another 6104 and restored from a backup; However I would like to factory reset the old 6104 for testing.

I've tried
Factory Reset via GUI
Factory Reset via reset button
Factory Reset via SSH
Factory Reset via lcd
SSH has a option to format user and config data, tried that
uploaded latest firmware, ucm says success however any of the above results with the machine rebooting and still has firmware with my settings still intact.

Grandstream Suggested that I  clear my browser catch...... after I told them that didn't work they gave up on my ticket.


==== old my environment ====

Gateway(Aterm WD700) have SLIC , and setting correctly Caller ID. -> I can use IP-Phone(Nifty-phone), without HT802.
VoIp Adapter: Aterm WD700
phone : Pioneer TF-FV11

==== Next my environment ====

Gateway: Humax hg100r-02jg (This machine have not SLIC, so .. buy HT802.)
VoIp Adapter: HT802
phone : Pioneer TF-FV11

It seems i can use it at HT701/HT701, so I will purchase H701 or HT702.
(There are several information on people who can use it)

I think HT802 have RTP or codec bug, will know by looking at the error information.

Thank you for answering the question.
Improvements and Suggestions / Include a 'normal' power input option.
« Last post by fhc on Today at 02:38:59 AM »
I've had quite a few POE capable devices throughout the years, this is the first POE only device.

As none was provided, I had to order an POE injector to be able to test this device.
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