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Yes.. The fix was to set the "Use P-Perferred-Identity Header" to "No".

Accounts -> Account 1 -> SIP Settings -> Custom SIP Header

Do the above to all active accounts (Account 2, Account 3, etc).
Hey there

I know this is an old post but was it resolved as I'm getting the exact same issue with a gxp2160 on

3600 seconds is way too long for registration expiration, set it to 600 seconds. Then they won't go in and out of reachability.

The fact that the NAT port changes multiple times confirms what I'm saying  as well.
I should note this was the no-load voltage of the cell which, according to a normal low-load discharge curve 1.24V should indicate at least half the capacity remains.
When I click the 'Page' button on the DP750 web interface next to one of the DP720 handsets, the handset reboots. I tried the same thing again and it rebooted again. The reboot happens straight after I hear a ringing sound from the speaker.

The DP720 handset is hardware revision 1.6A and both the handset and base have firmware.

When I replaced the batteries the issue was resolved. Measuring the battery voltage indicates there should still be enough charge on the old batteries - 1.24v vs 1.32 volts on the replacements. This is still well above the nominal 1.2v for NiMH batteries.

All the batteries are NiMH Eneloop pro ("min 900mAH")

I tried the same old batteries with a DP720 with hardware revision 1.8A and the issue does not occur. Can Grandstream please provide a list of changes between the hardware revisions? I want to be aware of what hardware bugs I have on my 1.6A DP720 phones.

Does anyone know what the cut off voltage for these phones on each hardware revision is? It appears when the ringtone uses the external speaker it causes the voltage to dip down below the minimum allowable for the earlier hardware revision.
DP750/720 Series Cordless Phones / Re: DP750 base unit crashed
« Last post by matthewk1234 on Today at 04:27:57 PM »
Should mention this is running the latest
DP750/720 Series Cordless Phones / DP750 base unit crashed
« Last post by matthewk1234 on Today at 04:26:10 PM »
Our Grandstream DP750 base unit appears to have crashed. All the DP720 handsets reported 'base out of range'.

I could access the web interface of the unit after the crash and there was a yellow banner up the top saying that the unit crashed, and appears to show the handsets online, even though they're not.

After clicking the reboot option on the webpage, the unit went down and did not come back up (ping or http)

after doing a hard power cycle the unit still wasn't coming up.

Resetting to factory defaults by pressing the pinhole on the back for 7 seconds has the unit working again, but would like to know what happened. Unfortunately I didn't submit a crash report before rebooting.

GAC2500 Enterprise Conference Phone / Questions about gac2500
« Last post by merlin on Today at 03:28:07 PM »
We are about to purchase a whole new phone system, and are looking at grandstream.  One concern I have is the viability and longevity of the gac2500 as it's based on Android 4. Does anyone have any thoughts, input or other on this?
Bugs / 760 4th led from left blinking rest solid blue
« Last post by wa4zlw on Today at 03:13:29 PM »
Just noticed this? What is this LED?

When I change the ringtone from the default to the one recently added in (think it's ringtone 8), sometimes it seems to change itself back to the default one for my DP720 handsets.

I don't have a way to reproduce this - powering them off then on doesn't seem to do it.
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