IP Voice Telephony   GRP2612/2613/2614/2615 Carrier-Grade IP Phones

BUGS (mostly with UCM) v1.0.0.31 (3)
GRP2614 ( Missing possibility to disable Label Background Idle Screen Settings (2)
GRP2614 CTI integration missing (Outlook / TAPI) (1)
GRP2614 ( After Transfer the other extension, not the caller is shown with GXP21xx (3)
GRP2614 ( Date on Status Bar is not following the Date Display Format setting (2)
GRP2614 ( German UI - Misspelling "Forward all" - "Alle weiterleiten" - is shortened to "lle weiterlei" - better: "Alle umleiten" (2)
GRP2614 ( Bluetooth connection with Samsung Galaxy J3 is paired but not working (3)
GRP2614 ( Set 'Enable Live DialPad' messes up EHS function (1)
GRP2614 with UCM Zero Config - There should be one model template for the whole series (GRP26xx) (1)
GRP2614 ( Function "Forward" not working VMP/MPK (1)
GRP2614 sidecar is missing (1)
Standardization across all Grandstream-products (1)
Call-progress-tones format should be the same for all series (1)
GRP26xx / GXP21xx "MPK LCD Display Order Sequential" should be standard for both series (1)
Taking some time to register to Local Asterisk (2)
GRP2614 ( Wallpaper Source "Download" for MPK LCD is missing (1)
GRP2614 ( Date on Status Bar should be activated in default (1)
GRP2614 ( Plug and play with UCM Zero Config doesn't work (1)
Default Password (probably an edge case) (2)
MPK programming (5)
Virtual Multi-Purpose Keys Settings - confusing error message (2)
GRP2614 Beta Testing Report/Feedback (1)
Translation (1)
German translation issues (5)
Call transfer using MPK does not work (6)
Case color (1)
WiFi: DHCP required, no static configuration (5)
GDS3710 integration not possible? (3)
Bug: PING and TRACEROUTE tools are not working (2)
Call transfer requires too many clicks (2)