IP PBXs   HA100 High Availability Kit for the UCM6510

connection with central 3com (2)
DOA (4)
Different hardware-design prefered (3)
My experience (2)
No Sync on T1 (6)
SSL certificate on betaclub.grandstream.com has expired (3)
Max. length of cables? (6)
Zero config (9)
Do you want BUGS in the firmware not associated with the HA? (5)
After 10 days of testing (1)
File backup interval (3)
Possible DATA SYNC BUG (2)
Return to Unit A (4)
Questions about setup (17)
UCM6510 available for testing HA100 (6)
Synchronization should work even without HA100 (2)
All cable to connect the 2 UCM6510 should be delivered with (2)
USB-port should not be used for HA100 - We need those for backup the config (6)
SDCard Recording Synchronization (5)
One question: How would you update the firmware on the HA100? (2)
HA backup log only has initial entry (3)
Automatic setup the slave-UCM after connecting to HA100 and master-UCM (6)
UCM Front Panel Display Show HA Status (3)
Firmware Upgrades After Implementing HA ? (3)
Failover is quick and clean (3)
USB Port status on dashboard (4)
External connections during failover (2)
Real-Time Synchronization (5)
HA Backup Log Not Showing All Backups (1)
Explanation of the logic from HA100-configuration (3)