Facility Access Systems   GSC3510 SIP Intercom Speaker / Microphone

With both WIRED and WIFI connections active 3510 sends and receives traffic on both connections (4)
Locate LED Feature (11)
Ethernet versus Wifi seems very nebulous at this time (6)
Multicast issue? (2)
White Noise (14)
GSC3510 loses WIFI connectivity when rebooted (11)
No ring tone capabilities, CID capabilities, or tone capabilities (2)
LED meaning (2)
Device Detection is weak (2)
Cover need to be replaceable (or at least removable) (4)
Should whitelist be answered by default, maybe? (4)
Audio loopback doesn't loop any audio back (4)
If screen were replaceable, could we get different colors? (2)
What if you don't want to use it as a bluetooth speaker? (2)
One light to rule them all (red light won't turn off) (4)
Is it a "phone" or a "device" or something else? (6)
Suggestion: output switch (2)
Thank you for allowing us to change the ssh port! (2)
Rear-mount network/power (1)
High powered white LED and maybe some batteries for emergency lighting/locating (1)
Suggestion: have an AUDIO OUT port on the device (19)
Sound quality is excellent (2)
GSC3510 Initial feedback (1)
Echo when microphones are actively transmitting audio to caller (5)
Opening the box (1)
Double paging tone on 3CX (1)
Definitely need a way to disable AUTO-ANSWER by account (3)
Multicast Master (17)
LED light color (4)
Passwords force numbers as part of the entry (6)