Facility Access Systems   GDS3705 Audio Door Station

GDS3705 new firmware for BETA tester evaluation (2)
What Features Listed in Docs Are NOT Currently Available? (2)
No RS-485 Control / No Documentation / Default Settings (4)
Ability to enable/disable in-band audio DTMF (4)
Suggest to set the 'Password Recovery Email' and check it valid (6)
GS Upgrade Tool issues (4)
Feature request - frmwr update (6)
BagRep. Kiev (capital of Ukraine) missing in time zone list (5)
Access Settings (8)
Change System Info - Time Up (2)
UI for Daylight Savings Time (4)
RJ45 jack is T568A, not T568B ( 2 ) (30)
Wall Bracket Gasket (3)
Ability to load custom certificates and keys for provisioning (2)
Ability to disable web access (2)
Inconsistency in HTTP/HTTPS User Name/Password setting across Grandstream devices (2)
Ability to disable/enable extra sip headers (7)
Voice alerts (2)
Support for NFC (2)
Wiegand Interface (13)
Time schedule for "Number Called When Door Bell Pressed" (6)
"Valid date" on user management (8)
GDS3705 new firmware for BETA tester evaluation (2)
Implement mutualTLS for provisioning (2)
Implement TLS for syslog and custom syslog port feature (1)
Available Codecs enhancment (1)
Inconsistent Upgrade via option (1)
Login page says "GDS3710" on GDS3705 (1)
Ability to enable/disable time server and time offset settings via DHCP (1)
Vendor Class Identifier enhancement (1)