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Welcome to the Grandstream Beta Club Forum for the GDS3705 IP Audio Door System (1)
Wiegand Interface (11)
RJ45 jack is T568A, not T568B ( 2 ) (25)
Additional SIP account (4)
Very simple version with one button only and without RFID, PIN and Wigand (2)
In-house plastic version with door-open-button and floor-ring (4)
Time schedule for "Number Called When Door Bell Pressed" (3)
Install Wiring (15)
CSV Import/Export would be so much better (6)
12V connector (4)
I have keybounce on the keys (2)
High-End version with touch-screen for big houses with 30 or 50 flats (1)
"Ding-Dong" should be changeable (1)
It should be possible to set "Firmware Server Path" to HTTP and "Config Server Path" to HTTPS (1)
Preferred Audio Codec is not "prefered", it's only! (1)
Disable "User Login Timeout" by enter 0 (1)
Password-change results in no valid password (1)
Get rid of the default IP (4)
12V connector not working (4)
Door Station Password Barcode Font Too Small / Error with Scanning (7)
Please move syslog events to other categories (1)
Please add SNMP (1)
What do you see more use: RFID cards or fobs? (6)
Feature request - Choose to call to (5)
DHCP persistent lease (1)
Password on sticker (6)
Access Settings (7)
Gasket too small for multiple CAT5/6 (6)
Card Management Add User Photo - Gender Should Include "Not Specified" (2)
UI for Daylight Savings Time (2)