Beta Club   DP752/DP730 DECT Cordless

Welcome to the Grandstream Beta Club Forum for the DP752 and DP730 DECT cordless solution (8)
Private Phonebook (8)
Default Ring Tone Set (17)
Customize homescreen elements (3)
3CX support? (5)
Headset Jack - Location and Cover (4)
Contacts, SIP Account (3)
Forced transfer does not work (2)
"Refer-To Use Target Contac" does not work (2)
Standardization across all Grandstream-products needed (1)
BUG: PTT long delay before actually active (3)
Battery life, great (3)
BUG: Doesn't stay registered when using LLDP, yet web portal still accessible (2)
BUG: Session Timer and Min-SE default to 0, but trips alert because minimum is 90 (8)
Like to see the wireless distance increased (2)
Firmware upgrade date (4)
Low audio on the handset (2)
Customized web interface (2)
Love the battery Life too (2)
Accessories - Rubber Case to protect the hand set and make it rugged (9)
BUG: DHCP IP Address not displayed on handset (3)
BUG: Ringtone preview not at assigned volume level (2)
UI logic discrepancies - SELECT/BACK Softkeys (3)
Needs to default to LLDP Active (just like phones) (3)
Recive call from facedown position (5)
SHARED line apparence and SMS (6)
LLDP Not Working (19)
Android version (3)
Range of DP730 is completely outrageous (11)
BUG: UAS Specify Refresh defaults to nothing selected - causing error (1)